In recent years, crisis has relentlessly encompassed Europe and the whole planet and has deeply affected the social fabric of societies as well as individual concepts of life. In this context, there has been a struggle within the cultural sector and the artistic practices: which should be the role of the people involved in cultural processes? How can we import artistic practices into the political context? Is it possible to embed strategies coming from the cultural world to improve participatory processes? Can we conceive culture as a common good and to improve our democracies through this idea?

Culture, the City and the Commons was an encounter gathering 25 activists, thinkers and artists to discuss, share and experiment about possible models coming from the cultural practices to regenerate our cities, our democracy and the way we live together. Here you will find a series of media contents addressing the main conclusions reached by the participants in the encounter.

We hope you have a nice journey through the contents.

Culture, the City and the Commons was an encounter coordinated and produced by ZEMOS98: Felipe G. Gil, Julia Córdoba, Ángel Ceballos, Sofía Coca, Pedro Jiménez, Gema Valencia, Pablo Navarro, Miriam Alviz, Ricardo Barquín Molero and Lucas Tello.