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Ángel Ceballos

Graduated in Business Economics at the University of Seville. He is the head of the financial management department of ZEMOS98. M.A. in Business Management, expert on fiscal and accounting advice for Social Economy entities. Coordinator of the Technical Commission of Coop57 in Andalucia. Fluent in English and tennis instructor in his free time.
Alfredo Puente

(1976) is an art historian (University of León, Spain). He possesses a Proficiency as an investigator in relation to his production of New Media. He has worked professionally as a member of MedialabM drid team (actually Medialab_Prado), freelance and independent curator in the areas of art history and cultural production management as well as in the direction, coordination and production of exhibitions and critical formats associated with contemporary art, cultural studies and education since 1996. He has been part of the FCAYC (Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia since 2009, where he is presently working and researching as a curator.

Carmen Lozano

Of Spanish and British background but born in Colombia, she lives in Madrid since 2012, where she experiences and researches the rising transformation of citizen laboratories and P2P practices. In 2015, she’s joined the team of Goteo/Platoniq, a platform that incentives the growth of the commons through crowdfunding. During 2015, she developed a project on peer-to- peer initiatives that are transforming public space through Southern Europe: «P2P Plazas: a Southern European Network».

Claudia Delso

Claudia Delso is a cultural mediator, psychomotricity and theatre teacher. She is in charge of the new Participation and Democratic Innovation Are in the Council of A Coruña; a cross-sectorial space for all the concillors of Marea Atlántica from which the citizens participation is fostered.

Charlie Tims

Charlie Tims is a researcher interested in art, culture and social change. He is an associate of the think tank Demos and an adviser to the European Cultural Foundation. The last three articles he wrote were about; what museums have to learn from football clubs; whether culture can be used as a tool in international development and the Commons. Among other things he is working on a new magazine about art and urban change called Bye Bye London due to be published in December 2016.

Eduardo Montero

Eduardo was born in Sevilla in 1974. With an autodidactic vocation, he has spent the most part of his professional life in his birth-town as a filmmaker and a scriptwriter. Since starting, he has developed several works for television until 1999, when he starts a new stage devoted to documentary films.

Elektra Bethymouti

Elektra is Psychologist and crisis mediator. Her practice deals with homeless people, prisoners and victims of violence, as well as in the field of crisis intervention in mass disasters. At present she works as a therapist and a trainer in various institutes in Greece and abroad and she is involved in socio-political initiatives for the rights in the field of mental health and she is a member of the Social Solidarity Clinic, a social health care collective of Thessaloniki.

Federico Alagna

He is the coordinator of Cambiamo Messina dal Basso, the first Italian municipalist movement, which is administrating the city of Messina since 2013. Federico was born in Messina 28 years ago and after some years spent in other cities of Italy and Europe, he is back in Sicily trying to give his contribution to this absolutely crazy (but still marvellous) experience. He is a political scientist who has been engaged in a number of social and political activities since school and he is now working as researcher for an observatory on organised crime.

Felipe G. Gil

Felipe is part of ZEMOS98 since 2000. BA in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad de Sevilla. Post.Graduated in E-Learning from The National Distance Education University (UNED), Certificate of Pedagogic Aptitude by the ICE at the University of Seville. He coordinates international and a diovisual projects in ZEMOS98. He also writes in ‘Interferencias’ about free and digital culture of the digital Spanish newspaper He is a fan of Star Wars and an amateur tennis player.

Gema Valencia

BA degree in Journalism from University of Seville, Gema is member of ZEMOS98; she has been in charge of the Communications of the latest four editions of the festival. She has also worked as a coordinator for Tecnologías del encuentro (Technologies for Gathering), a ZEMOS98 project developed in the Macarena neighbourhood about media literacy, youth and migration. Gema has facilitated workshops related to online and offline communication for NGOs. She is interested in the social applications of information technologies, participatory communication and process and crochet.

Guillermo Sánchez

He was born in 1982 in Venice, FL, (USA). He moved to Spain when he was only three months old, living in Seville since then, (concretely in Triana). After a brief try in economics, he graduated in 2005 with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. From 2005 to 2009 he worked in Teléfono Rojo, a local advertising studio. In 2009 he starts working in ZEMOS98, producing one of its projects, During this period, he also works in many other projects like proyecto lunar tv,, Eutopía and ZEMOS98 International Festival. He loves walking barefoot on the beach while listening to Spandau Ballet.

Igor Stokfiszewski

He is a literary critic, dramatist and activist from Poland. He is a member of the Krytyka Polityczna group of politically engaged intellectuals operating within Poland and Ukraine who aim to establish Central and Eastern European activist network against social and economic exclusion. He has written and edited numerous critical books on literature and theatre from countries including Belarus, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. He worked on theatrical performances, community based activities and artistic urban interventions. In 2012, he collaborated with the Polish artist Artur Żmijewski to curate the 7th Berlin Biennale.

Iñaki López

Iñaki López Ordóñez is a cultural agitator, graduated in Fine Arts, in UPV (Valencia), 2003. He works as a cultural coordinator and transmedia artist. He´s co-director of cultural productions, founder of association, co-promoter of community, member of the platform and patron of foundation. He produces analog and digital work, events, performances and happenings. He is related to the following keywords: rural, communities, commons, trans, tradition, hacking, agitation, dignity, humor, politics.

Iva Čukić

(Belgrade, Serbia) she is an activist and architect. She just finished her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade. The areas of her research include public space, self-organisation, DIY philosophy and urban-cultural discourse. In 2010. she co-launched one of the first collective aimed at fostering citizens’ participation in urban development, initiating dialogue between citizens, social activists, urban developers, architects and city officials about development of the city, called the Ministry of Space. She works as teacher assistant on the Interdisciplinary studies at the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade. She is an author of the book „Map of action“ about the urban activism in Serbia, for which she got a special prize. She is a member of INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action) and Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.

Javier Martínez

He’s founder partner of the collaborative and participative urban design and placemaking practice: Lugadero (Spain/UK). He graduated as an Architect at the Universidad de Sevilla, and posgraduated in “Urbanism for collaborative cities” at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He is also a specialist in smart cities and citizenship. In 2014, he won with Lugadero the urban design competition Future Wimbledon for rethinking Wimbledon Town Centre (UK), where he proposes a participatory process (2015-2030) where neighbours decide about the future of their town centre. He works as architect, urban designer and strategic planner on public space.

Joana Dias

She is an artist, an activist and a social educator. She studied Painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon and did a master degree in Intercultural Education at the Institute of Education at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. She has been developing research and work about inclusive education, believing that education is the key for a more balanced and democratic society. She is currently working with Academia Cidadã, a non-profit association that aims to promote active citizenship and the empowerment of people and organizations, in the exercise of deepening democracy.

José Laulhé

Co-founder of CommonFab SCA and the project Ehcofab, an autonomous digital fabrication laboratory placed in the historic center of Seville, since 2012. Expert in digital design and digital fabrication, collaborating with many initiatives like FabLab Sevilla, Casa Invisible or EXando una mano. Beyond fabbing, has worked as researcher on territory, housing and biopolitics. Graduated as an architect in 2008, and post-graduated in Sustentability for cities and architecture (2010) at the University of Seville. Seeking to translate the acquired experience about self-production to public policies.

Juan Egoscozábal

Juan has been working as direct sound technician as well as sound post-producer for the last sixteen years. He has worked in many different audiovisual productions through these years; some remarkables jobs have been the fictional films Grupo 7 and Carmina o Revienta; and the documentaries Sobre ruedas or La mujer y el agua.

Julia Córdoba

Julia holds a degree in Journalism and she is an university expert in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography by the University of Seville. She has worked mainly as editor and producer in television programs, in addition to online audiovisual projects about culture. She has been a volunteer for eight years in Tareas Solidarias, an NGO focused on Cooperation projects and Development Education in Spain and Morocco. She enjoys working in teams and being in environments linked to citizen participation, culture and art.

Laia Forné

Is an urban sociologist specialised in research and action related to gender management and inclusion in urban planning. She participates in different urban movements of the city with whom she has conducted urban participatory and intervention processes. Nowadays she is an advisor of the Municipality of Barcelona Council of Territory and Participation.

Laura Gómez

Laura was graduated in Political Science and Public Administration and Master in Equality of Women and Men and Civic Participation and Community Development from the University of the Basque Country, where she teaches. She works as a technical at the Equality Area of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Council, and she was Equality Director of the Guipuzkoa Provincial Council. Her studies and her interests are focused on the analysis of the Public Institutions role and their practices through the public politics towards new models of social organization which prioritize the invisible, the precariousness, feminised sectors. Through these experiences, producing empowering perspectives, Laura aims to produce policies to take care of human and non-human lives and place them at the centre of the social priorities.

Lisa Ertl

She is a cultural anthropologist and artist based in Berlin. She studied Social and Cultural Studies and European Studies at Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). She currently works for Heinrich-Böll- Stiftung Brandenburg, where she coordinates various cultural programs e.g. the European project, REALISE – The Resilience of Art in Liquid Crisis. Lisa Ertl is also member of the artistic collective L.A. Müller, who presently carries out a project of artistic research in the field of bad feelings and hate speech at Goethe-Institut Prag.

Lucas Tello

Lucas (Sevilla, Spain) is member of ZEMOS98, a cultural initiative which researches about free culture, social innovation, the commons, new media and informal education. ZEMOS98 has recently coordinated a european project within the context of the Doc Next Network and with the title: “Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons” to foster through media some social struggles related to the Commons from the UK, Turkey, Poland and Spain. Lucas is also a media-maker working on the commons, migrations and political cinema.

Mar Pino

She is a journalist and anthropologist with extensive experience in mass media, especially radio and television. She is part of the Assembly of Women Journalists of Sevilla and currently holds workshops on media and gender equality for adolescents. In addition,she is a member of Topo Tabernario editorial broad, a self managed local newspaper focused on critical analysis of reality. She has always been linked to social movements of the city and she is a member of Ecologistas en Acción since its foundation.

Matic Primc

A civil engineer by education I have been active since the student years in one or another activist organization. Am an anarchist who has in last several years been active in the Initiative for City-Wide Assembly, which is an initiative that since 2012 tries to foster direct democracy by organizing assemblies in the city of Maribor. I have also been part of a wider coalition, formed by the Initiative, that has fought for and won first implementation of participatory budgeting in Slovenia and has since managed to spread it to other parts of the country.

Óscar Clemente

Óscar is scriptwriter and director of socially engaged documentaries since 1995. He has directed films exhibited in festivals and televisions in more than 15 countries. Some of his remarkable works are Sobre ruedas (Keep on Rolling: The Dream of the Automobile); Bendito Simulacro (Blessed Simulacrum), or Zruska (Zruska).

Pablo Navarro

BA in Audiovisual Communication (University of Seville). Postgraduate in Public Spaces: urban policies and citizenship (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Pablo is a co-worker of ZEMOS98. He coordinates ComunicAcción, an educational programme about media literacy for the regional administration. Pablo is interested in graphic recording as a way to open group processes and he usually takes part as a mediator in educational actions.

Paco Cano

My life is some cities. Cádiz-Madrid-New York-Washington-Cádiz, a journey in which I have developed art curation, art criticism, cultural policies, critical thinking, management, cultural investigation and collaborative projects such as Sinmurallas, Planeta Cádiz and Plan C. I have worked with Rafael Alberti, Sol LeWitt, Christo, Dennis Oppenheim and Eduardo Arroyo among others. Radio Cádiz Cadena Ser, El Independiente, La Voz de Cádiz, Ctxt and El Tercer Puente has granted me some media coverage. In the end, an attempt of a social sculptor who carves with thoughts, ideas and who fosters a sense of citizenship. My life is built up by cities and also by friends.

Pedro Jiménez

Pedro is one of the founders of ZEMOS98. He is the project coordinator of the education program of the collective and also was the Festival coordinator. Now he is working on some of the participatory processes ZEMOS98 are doing for the councils of Madrid and Seville. He is also the supervisor of Administrative issues.

Sofía Coca

She is part of ZEMOS98 since 2005. BA in Journalism from the University of Seville. In the past two years, she was leading a co-researching about feminism and commons with Rubén Martínez and Txelu Balboa, called COPYLOVE. She was one of the coordinators of ZEMOS98 Festival and she was the coordinator of Radioactivos, a radio-podcast between 2006 and 2011 about digital culture. She has been coordinating Municipal Recipes an audiovisual research about municipalism movement in Spain.

Tin Gavizoda

He is a senior program officer at the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) leading the work on the effective activism portfolio. His background prior to OSF is mainly related to human rights work in Croatia, including in the troubled nineties. Tin was the Director of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights until 2003 and then the Coordinator of the Human Rights Center. In 1999 he was co-leading of a major get out and vote campaign that mobilized thousands of citizens, including youth, to get out and struggle against the nationalistic regime.Tin holds a BA international relations and a MA in international policy studies from Stanford University. In 2012 he received a PHD from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.

Vivian Paulissen

(1970, NL) she is Knowledge Manager at the European Cultural Foundation. She has set up several European networked partnerships on media, migration, commons and new participatory citizen’s models at the foundation. She has an extensive experience in the field of international cooperation, culture & development and diversity. She was involved in many international media and culture projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. She was a guest lecturer at several universities and art academies on contemporary arts in Latin America and published on the role of soaps in Latin American society and international funding of the arts. Vivian studied Latin America Studies and graduated at Utrecht University.

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